Perception Lookbook

“Perception” is a new collection of various unique statement necklaces. Each piece is one of the kind work .In this collection I am striving to create evocative wearable objects, made mostly from sterling silver, horsehair and leather with a particular focus on the physical aspects. All these pieces are about the materials: about their weight, bulk and tactile feelings that they evoke from its wearer. I am trying to explore such phenomenon as, contrast, color, rhythm and connection between them.
I am basing on a classical goldsmith techniques such as casting, hand hammering, soldering and chasing. In addition to that, materials used in these objects such as horsehair or leather are closely related with personal memories from my family archive. One can say that all those are traditional, but not new. However I find a lot of power in these materials and connecting them together, trying to create a new and unique piece of art.
Place and time are documented through the process of making, and transforming through the objects ideas, feelings and memories from the childhood.