Jewelry Care & Ring Size Chart

In order to keep your jewelry looking its best please follow these instructions:

-You will find a 3M Anti-Tarnish paper tab in the box with your order, which protects jewelry from tarnishing by absorbing sulphides and other pollutants in the air. which cause tarnishing to occur. I highly recommend you to use this tab, simply place it in an enclosed space alongside your silver items. The anti- tarnish paper doesn`t need to be touching the metal but just need to be nearby. They are non-toxic, emit no fumes and leave no residue. Please note that these won`t remove existing tarnish, so your jewelry should be clean when being stored away. 

-Store your silver jewelry in a box or in a zip lock plastic bag.

Make sure you don’t store multiple jewelry pieces in the same bag: silver is a soft metal, so the individual pieces can scratch each other.

-Avoid any contact of silver with perfume, lotions and chemicals.

-Taking a shower with your silver jewelry is allowed, water and soap will help keeping the silver clean.

-Remove jewelry before entering the sea or a swimming pool, the chlorine and the salt can damage the silver.

-If your silver piece was oxidized once, please note that oxidation is only on the surface layer of the silver and will wear away and become lighter with time and continuous wear.
Oxidation can be renewed using liver of sulfur solution at local jeweler or at home, please follow manufacturer's instructions. You are welcome to send me your jewelry for renewing the oxidation as well.

Ring Size Chart:
I am working with US Ring Size Chart.
I recommend you to get sized professionally, with a local jeweler/goldsmith. Any other method can result in inaccurate measuring.

To convert from one system of sizing to another, or from circumference/diameter to ring size – go HERE